Almost all aluminum intake manifolds, throttle bodies and heads are cast in sand molds and then some machine work is performed for various tasks such as adding injector ports, etc. The process of casting these parts creates inconsistencies from part to part, and come with other problems such as casting seams, slag and misshapen parts and, of course, the extra rough surfaces.

What we do is optimize your parts by correcting flaws caused by the manufacturing process.With careful skill, we perform an extensive port and polish to each port on the cylinder head, by hand, the way it should be done.
Beware of the people claiming to do the similar quality work. No one can match our quality, because we tested our port and polish to perfection. We have been doing this work for many years and we didnt learn from an instagram photo. 

We offer porting services on intake manifolds, throttle bodies and heads for any electronic fuel injection (including GDi) vehicle.