Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade (BK2 2.0T)


Core exchange available – requires core deposit.

Average turn around time is 3-5 weeks
(depending on availability of cores it could be longer). 

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The stock turbo is disassembled and the compressor housing is ported to fit a larger billet 22T compressor wheel.  This upgrade offers more CFM at the same boost levels (more air without increasing boost).

Direct bolt-in replacement, does not require a new manifold.

Gains from 20-30hp depending on your setup and tune.

Which Compressor Wheel?

Note: We are now only offering the 6+6 configuration.

The configuration you choose will be based on your desires goals and needs. The following is a basic summation of the two options offered:

The 6+6 billet wheel has 6 pairs of blades, each pair has a long blade and a short blade. This wheel tends to offer more top end power, but will spool slower. It will do better if you’re looking to run higher boost levels, but your mid-range may suffer. This wheel will be noisier than the 11 blade, offering more of the turbo whistle and is a larger/better version of the OEM wheel.

The 11 blade will offer improvement over more of the power band and offers a smoother boost curve. This wheel tends to spool faster and will offer better mid-range. It will still offer top-end gains, but may not do so well with higher boost levels. This is the best option for daily drivers who want more power.