Titanium Brake Pad Shims (BK – Brembo)


Protect your calipers from excessive heat!

Set of 4 for Front brembo brakes only

Made in the USA

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These titanium brake pad shims are a great addition to your race car’s brake system. These shims provided over 53% heat reduction vs the standard shims that come on EBC brake pads (11% reduction).

Under hard braking, your brake pads heat up significantly. If you’re out on the track, this heat gets into the calipers which heats up your brake fluid and your brake lines causing brake fluid to boil and brake lines to get soft and flex. These conditions leads to brake fade!

These light weight, reusable shims are made from titanium which is a poor conductor of heat which means they’re great for preventing the heat generated from your brake pad, from soaking into your caliper and fluid.

These shims are 0.85mm thick (vs 0.20mm shim that come with pads) and cover the entire surface area of the pad (black is the shim from an EBC brake pad)

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