Stage 3 Intake Manifolds (BK2 3.8)


Stage 3 Manifolds


If you already have a stage 1 set, you only need the upper manifold.

Stage 3 manifold requires a riser, it will not fit on the car without a riser

Our stage 3 manifolds take your power to a new level!

Our stage 3 manifolds offer the same mid-range torque and horsepower gains as the stage 1 does, but also adds peak horsepower too. Dyno tests have shown 8-12whp gain up top.

For our stage 3 port jobs, we cut the upper manifold open so that we can gain full access to the runners, then we weld it back together. We remove the lip from the mouth of the runner, expanding the opening by 2mm or more. We remove the pillars on the divider and we remove some of the obstructions that prevent airflow from properly entering 2 of the ports.

No one else does this port work, we’re the first and only.

How long does it take?

Stage 3 porting will take 1 month and you will be scheduled. It could take up to 2 months before your order ships, so please be aware of this time delay!

Upgrade from stage 1

If you already have a stage 1 manifold set from us, you only need the upper manifold to make it a stage 3.

A riser is required!

Because we eliminate several reliefs in the casting, your upper will no longer bolt up. You will need a riser to add the clearance.