Stage 2 Upgraded Turbo BK1 2.0T


More power for your BK1 2.0T!


Our stage 2 turbo upgrade is a great way to add a lot of additional power with a small budget. It’s also a great way to add power without drawing attentions of cops or state referees!

We upgrade the old tiny 13T cast 6+6 compressor wheel with a new 11 blade billet 19T compressor wheel which moves more air at the same boost levels. This means more air, more power without any additional stress on the turbo.

To improve top end power, we ditch the old tiny 12 blade turbine and put in a larger 9 blade turbine! The turbine housing is machined to fit so this kit comes with a new housing. You will need to send in your old housing as a core if you choose core exchange.

The 11 blade compressor wheel will give a nice smooth boost curve across the entire rpm range. If you want to wake your slow BK1 2.0T up.

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