Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade (BK2 2.0T)


Core exchange available – requires core deposit.

Average turn around time is 4-6 weeks. Please note that we do not offer refunds on orders, because these are made to order.
(depending on availability of cores it could be longer) 

How do you want to purchase this turbo upgrade?

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The stock turbo is disassembled and the compressor housing is ported to fit a larger billet 22T compressor wheel.  This upgrade offers more CFM at the same boost levels (more air without increasing boost). For the stage 2, we get rid of the 11 blade turbine and upgrade it to a 9 blade HL turbine which will improve top end power. Each turbo is balanced at 3 different times during the rebuild process, as all turbos must be.  All wheels, seals, rings, bearing and thrust plate are replaced with new components. Direct bolt-in replacement, does not require a new manifold. Gains from 20-40hp depending on your setup and tune.

The Compressor Wheel

The 6+6 billet wheel has 6 pairs of blades, each pair has a long blade and a short blade. This wheel will be noisier than the 11 blade, offering more of the turbo whistle and is a larger/better version of the OEM wheel.


Purchase options:
1.”Send mine in” means exactly that. You remove the part  from your car and send it to us. We rebuild your part and send it right back. Turn around time for this option is usually 3-4 weeks after we received your part.

2. “Core exchange” We will rebuild a turbo core from our stock and send it to you. When you receive the parts, you remove the stock set from your car and send it back to us within 10 business days. Turn around time for this option is based on the current core stock. We do our best to keep cores in stock to minimize the wait time. Further explanation of the core exchange can be found under the “info” tab.

3. “Purchase a core” means you are buying a used part from us, we will port it and send it to you. You will keep your stock set and the ported part we sent to you.

Please note!
We warranty and stand behind the quality of these rebuilt turbos, because we use quality replacement parts. However, we do not warranty damage caused by maintenance neglect, poor installation, engine failure or any other system failure on the car, improper break in procedures, any opening or tampering with the turbo, or any other damage caused by the engine or owner. You must follow the break in instructions completely or your turbo may prematurely wear or fail.