BK2 3.8 Intake Manifold Port and Polish


Comes with Upper and Lower manifolds.

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Our stage 1 manifolds have offered 3.8 owners excellent mid-range performance gains, smoother acceleration and improving the results of tuning overall. We remove all casting imperfections and address specific areas to eliminate flow restrictions/disruptions to provide the least disruptive path for air to flow. Various dyno testing done by our customers have resulted in gains of 10wtq and 10whp mid-range without tuning.


Our stage 3 manifolds offer the same mid-range torque and horsepower gains as the stage 1 does, but also adds peak horsepower too. Dyno tests have shown 8-12whp gain up top.

For our stage 3 port jobs, we alter manifolds in several different steps to allow us to remove some of the obstructions that prevent airflow from properly entering 2 of the ports. No one else does this port work, we’re the first and only.

How long does it take?

It can take 1-6 months before your order ships, so please be aware of this time delay! The stage 1 is a shorter process, which has a shorter wait time. The stage 3 process has many, many steps and we use other local shops to aid in the process, which can cause additional delays. We do our very best to get your parts to you as fast as we can. Once you send in your sent in parts arrive, we will not allow for cancellations or refunds.

** Once your mailed parts are delivered to our shop, we will not be able to process any cancellations or refunds. The manifolds are altered, so we can not return it to you in the stock condition it arrived to us in. Your part, once it arrives at our shop, immediately begins the lengthily process.

Want to upgrade from stage 1?

If you already have a stage 1 manifold set from us, select the option for “upper manifold”

A riser is required!

Because we eliminate several reliefs in the casting, your upper will no longer bolt up. You will need a riser to add the clearance.