Cylinder Head Porting


Choose from the appropriate options from the dropdown boxes below to place your order.


With careful skill we perform an extensive hand port and polish to each port on the cylinder head (s). This opens the ports up wider and smooths them out, to improve the airflow within the head both on the intake ports as well as the exhaust ports, allowing more air in and more exhaust out per revolution which results in more power.


After a port & polish, your head will need to be completely rebuilt.
For several years, we have exclusively partnered with MT Motorsports, to bring our customers the highest of quality rebuilds. We will transport your head over to MTM once the port and polish is finished. There are a few rebuild component options to choose from, but we will help you make the best choice, based on core condition, your power goals and budget.  This is a special order item, which is made to order and is not refundable.

Purchase options:
1.”Send mine in” means exactly that. You remove the part  from your car and send it to us. We use your part to fulfill your order.

2. “Core exchange” We will port and polish a used part (in good and working condition) and send it to you. When you receive the parts, you remove the stock set from your car and send it back to us. Turn around time for this option is based on the current stock. We do our best to keep these in stock to minimize the wait time. Further explanation of the core exchange can be found under the “info” tab.

3. “Purchase a core” means you are buying a used part (in good and working condition) from us, we will port it and send it to you. You will keep your stock part and the ported part we sent to you.