Fuel Pump Relay


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Get the most out of your aftermarket fuel pump with the Performance Unleashed Fuel Pump Relay Kit that is specifically designed for the Genesis Coupe ensuring it is getting the correct voltage supply that it needs!

The Factory wiring for the OEM fuel pump is designed to operate for the stock fuel pump unit. Once you decided to upgrade your Fuel Pump Unit to a aftermarket unit, the aftermarket fuel pump will require a specific Amperage / Voltage Output to operate correctly. The Factory wiring harness is not up to the task for these recommended Outputs. That is where the performance unleashed fuel pump relay kit comes into play by bypassing factory wiring harness and draw power directly from the battery with a bigger gauge wire that will support aftermarket fuel pumps needs in terms of Amperage / Voltage. Without this kit, you risk damaging any aftermarket fuel pump and or even worse, a potential fire hazard can occur. This kit also ensures that their will be no voltage drop for the majority of aftermarket fuel pump options on the market.