BK2 3.8 True CAI (Pre-Order)


Pre-Order for BK2 3.8 True Cold Air Intake



Our cold air intake is based off of the prototype we used on our shop car. It’s more than just a piece of 3″ tubing! The entry is flared to 3.5″ to optimize air flow going into the intake by reducing the turbulence and allowing the entire tube to be filled as soon as possible giving the air more time to reach velocity. The exit is also tapered to 3.5″ since that’s the size of the BK2 3.8 throttle body. This reduces the affect of ballooning, allowing the air to continue with the momentum it has built up.

This intake is a 2-piece design which allows for adjust-ability of the filter placement in the fender area; this is important for those with fog lights or brake ducts.

Important: This intake requires the deletion of the washer fluid reservoir. This kit does NOT contain a replacement reservoir or a relocation kit.

CARB Legal: NO!!! This intake is not currently carb legal.

Performance: Dyno pending, expecting results comparing vs stock air box and an injen sri.

Pre-Order: Pre-orders are getting the intake at a lower cost than retail and will be the first to receive an intake. Pre-orders will be closed on Friday  May 10th 2019. If you pre-order, you should expect to receive your intake kit 4-6 weeks. We may have them shipped sooner depending on how everything goes with dyno testing and test fitment. We want to make sure you get the best possible product. If you selected ceramic coating, please add an additional week to the wait time.

What you receive may not look like what is in the photo, the photo is showing a raw beta unit.

Refunds: You may request a refund on your pre-order at anytime before it ships.


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