Our goal is not to increase diameter, but to increase velocity and improve volumetric efficiency.

When it comes to getting the most from your build, porting is essential for optimizing power output and, in some cases, necessary to ensure safety of your engine!

What we offer

We offer porting services onĀ intake manifolds, throttle bodies and heads for any electronic fuel injection (including GDi) vehicle.

When it comes to porting, less is more. Porting is not well understood so we get questions like, “how much bigger do you make the ports”. What we do is optimize your parts by correcting flaws caused by the manufacturing process.

When the engineers are designing and testing the prototype engine that your engine is based on, they spend the time and energy to craft the parts for optimal operation and performance. When the engine goes into mass production, however, you end up with results that are less than optimal.

Almost all aluminum intake manifolds, throttle bodies and heads are cast in sand molds and then some machine work is performed for various tasks such as adding injector ports, etc. The process of casting these parts creates inconsistencies from part to part, and come with other problems such as casting seams, slag and misshapen parts and, of course, the extra rough surfaces.

How we do it

We do all of our porting by hand, the way it should be done. Due to the inconsistencies and variations of each piece that is produced, port work with a machine only creates a profile that was effective on the part it was modeled on.

We start with aggressive cutting bits to address any material removal, or large reshaping that needs to be done such as port matching, seam removal, knife edging, etc. From there we reduce the severity of turns and corners, smooth out rough surfaces and then clean it all up with a mild “polish”.