How much power will I gain from porting?

HP and TQ gains will depend on your build and your tune, so it’s difficult to provide exact numbers.

Will I see gains without a tune?

Yes. Generally with our porting, low-mid range tq is improved without tuning and with custom tuning, it allows for better peak hp.

Do you flow bench your manifolds?

No. Flow benches don’t represent real world operating conditions. We rely on dyno testing to show what works and what doesn’t work.

What is the difference between a ported throttle body and a bored throttle body?

A bored throttle body enlarges the throat area and requires a new throttle blade. Porting enlarges and tapers the mouth and the exit of the throttle body, but leaves the throat area alone and does not require a new blade.

Bored vs Ported Throttle Body, which is better?

This question depends on your engine size and setup, but in general bigger isn’t always better. The goal of a bored throttle body is to increase the smallest part of the throttle body, which increases the potential total CFM. The problem with this is that it will reduce air velocity which can hurt power if your engine isn’t capable of flowing that much air.

A ported throttle body is intended to optimize air flow and promote air velocity which will provide benefits on any engine, but if the throttle body is too small, it will still be a choke point.

You can use this simple formula from High Performance Math to determine an optimal size and compare to your current throttle body.


Or, just visit their site here to use their calculators to make it easy on you.

Do I need different gaskets after porting?

No. We normally do not expand the runners, so OEM gaskets will still work. In the case when we do expand runners, we will gasket match, so again, OEM gaskets will still work. You may want to replace your old gaskets with new ones if they are old, worn or damaged.

How does the core exchange work?

The core exchange program lets you get the performance parts you want without the down time. A lot of people daily their car, so waiting 1-2 weeks for parts isn’t possible.

The way the program is setup, you place your order and include a core deposit. The deposit amount varies depending on what you’re purchasing. Once your order is ready, we ship it out to you first. Once you receive it, you install the new parts and ship us back your old parts. Once we get your cores, we’ll issue a refund for your core deposit.

How long does it take for my core deposit to get refunded?

Once we receive your cores, we’ll inspect them for any damage and to make sure they meet the guidelines outlined in our core exchange policy. If everything is good, we issue the refund that day. So usually it only takes 1 day for us to issue the refund.

If you paid with a credit card or using your bank, then it may take up to 3-4 days before the funds actually get credited back to your account. This is not something we can help or control and will depend on your bank/credit card company.

If your cores do not meet the core exchange guidelines, we will contact you and let you know that there is a problem and work out what needs to happen from there. This will delay the refund process and depending on the issue, may require us deducting one or more fees from your core deposit. Please be sure to follow the guidelines in the core exchange policy to avoid any delays.

Do you provide return shipping label?

No. Shipping to you is included in the price that you pay for your order, but you are responsible for shipping costs to return your cores to us.

Can I keep my old cores?

No. We do require a core deposit to ensure that we get back a set of cores, but the deposit amount is not enough to actually get replacements. Not only that, the core exchange program is very popular and the waiting list of long. If you decide to keep your cores, the next customer in line has to wait an extended period of time while we try to source new replacement cores.

If you think you want to keep your old cores, let us know in advance. There will be an additional cost.

Can I just send you my parts and not participate in the core exchange?

Absolutely! If you can afford to have your car down while your parts are processed, this is the better option. If you plan to do this, please contact us first so we can get you scheduled before you send your parts to us. This way you have less down time.

Is there another option that’s cheaper and faster?

Yes. We offer a second core exchange option for you. We will get your order ready, but won’t ship it first. You will ship us your cores first and once we receive them, we will send out your order. This option does not require a core deposit and has the fastest turn around time. The delay will be in the shipping process.

What is the turn around time?

We are always busy with orders, so it varies. If you’re waiting on the core exchange program, it will depend on how long it takes customers to return their cores to us. Sometimes it takes longer than expected. We request that customers return their cores within 7 days of receiving their order, but that doesn’t always happen.

Orders usually take 1 week to process. If you’ve scheduled to send us your parts, we try to cut down the turn around time.

Throttle bodies usually take 1-2 days if scheduled in advance.

Do I need a tune to use a ported manifold or throttle body?

No. Ported manifolds and throttle bodies can be used without a tune and will still provide gains. They can also be used with mild canned tunes.

If you are custom tuned, then you will want to talk to your tuner before ordering. You will need to get retuned after the install.

Will porting void my warranty?

Yes. If you’re concerned about voiding your warranty, it’s recommended that you don’t do any performance modifications to your car.

How do I send you my cores?

Send any shipments to

3point8 Performance
13312 Ranchero Rd
STE 18 PMB 333
Oak Hills, CA 92344

Be sure you pack them well. Use bubble wrap to wrap each piece individually. We are not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping. We recommend you get at least $300 insurance on manifolds. Yes, the carriers have lost and damaged manifold orders before.

We recommend shipping with FedEx to increase the chances of your packages arriving undamaged.

How much does it cost to ship manifolds?

Manifolds and throttle bodies can weigh up to 21lbs. It usually costs us about $45 – $55 to ship coast to coast. We normally use a 14x14x14 box.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, but be aware that it is very expensive and we must add an additional shipping fee to cover the costs. Shipping manifolds can cost upwards of $150. If you have to return your cores, keep in mind that you will have to cover return shipping costs, so factor that into your budget.

Engine leashes will incur a $20 additional shipping charge to Canada.

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