Email tunes are a very common process in many car communities. You don’t need a tuner to have your car and you don’t need a dyno in order to get custom tuned. If you have the equipment, you simply follow the instructions of the tuner who will tune your car remotely.

Here’s how it works:


  1. You acquire the equipment needed (we offer this equipment for rent!)
  2. You do some pulls in your car to get a data log
  3. You email that data log to the tuner
  4. The tuner looks at it and emails you a tune file
  5. You load the tune to your car using the equipment
  6. Repeat until the tuner is satisfied
  7. Send back the equipment

This can be done in your garage or on a dyno, your choice.

We offer equipment rentals so that you don’t have to wait for a tune event, or suffer with a canned tune if there are no tuners or dealers near you. We provide detailed instructions and will help you along the way to get a custom tune from a tuner of your choice. You will only need to supply a laptop.

*Equipment rental requires a core deposit to ensure we receive the equipment back