How the Core Exchange Program Works

You pay for the products you want, plus an additional core deposit. We ship you the products and you ship back your old cores. Once the cores are received, we will issue a refund for your core deposit (assuming there are no problems). If any problems arise, we will discuss them with you and determine a resolution.

We offer 3 ways of getting the parts you need.

  1. Send us your parts, we work them and then ship them back to you. This does not require a core deposit, but takes the longest.
  2. Pre-order, we work a set of cores that we have, you send us your originals and we’ll ship back the worked cores same day we receive your originals. This does not require a core deposit and reduces down time to only the time it takes for shipping.
  3. Full core exchange – We port a set of cores that we have, ship those cores to you, you install them and then ship us back your originals. This option requires a core deposit, but minimizes down time. Great option for daily drivers.

We are flexible, so if you have a tight budget and tight time frames, we can work with you. Just contact us before ordering

The core exchange program is a benefit for you, our customers. This program lets you minimize your down time while still being able to get the performance parts you want.

To participate in the core exchange program, you must provide an upfront refundable core deposit. The deposit amount depends on what you’re purchasing, but will always be refunded assuming you meet the following guidelines.

  • Cores returned must not be damaged. No gouges, stripped threads (even if they have been repaired), cannot be painted and must not be modified in anyway.
  • Cores must be reasonably clean. If it takes us longer to clean your cores than it does to perform the work, there will be an additional $25 fee (deducted from your core deposit).
  • Any broken studs or stripped threads will incur a $100 fee (deducted from your core deposit).
  • Throttle body cores must be in working condition and must not be modified.
  • Cores that are lost in the mail are not our responsibility. We will attempt to aid in the recovery, but until it is delivered to us, it is still your responsibility.
  • Cores must be returned within 7 days of receiving unless other arrangements have been made prior or a $100 late fee will be deducted from your core fee.This means that a tracking # must be provided as proof before the 7th day. If your fail to return your core within 90 days, you deposit will not be refunded.
  • Core fee refunds can only be issued once we physically have the cores in our shop and have inspected them.

Remember, your old cores will go to someone else, just like someone else’s old cores went to you. Everyone expects to get working products. We need cores returned to keep orders flowing, so please send your cores back as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued support.